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09 Jan 2019
The Council of Europe issued a press release welcoming the re-establishment of a department for national minorities in Lithuania which contributes to increasing the visibility of national minority issues in national politics and overall coordination...
11 May 2017
The First Post had written a piece that cites the European Union's statistical agency which indicates over 63,000 children were traveling without the supervision of their parents, while seeking asylum in 2016. Among these children, over 50% were...
13 Apr 2017
Nearly ten years after the first financial shock waves rippled through the world economy, generating a global recession, the track record of high income countries in protecting children from its worst effects, is mixed. A new book, Children of...
14 Mar 2017
In this article, Mark Kalin discusses the "ill, punitive and callous treatment of many child refugees" who have fled to Europe.  The full text of the article can be found here
07 Oct 2013
‘CRIN’ reports that at a meeting in Oslo, the children’s ombudspersons from the five Nordic countries with the representatives of associations of Nordic paediatricians, have agreed to work with their respective national...

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