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05 Sep 2019
70 per cent of children aged between 8 and 18 in Albania affected by some form of violence based on a report by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in 2018. 46 per cent of these cases are not reported due to indifference and even 36...
13 Jun 2019
15-20% of children have already experienced some form of school violence. The most common is verbal abuse, but there is also emotional and physical abuse. Sexual harassment can also be counted here. Who will be abusive and who will be the victim?...
08 Feb 2019
PIG is an independent project of the Bulgarian director Drago Sholev and will be part of the main competition program of the upcoming Sofia Film Fest. The film tells the story of the thirteen-year-old Stoyan, played by Rumen Kochev, whom everyone...

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