Read the latest news on child protection from around Europe. For news related to the recent refugee crisis in Europe please see our Thematic Page.

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19 Mar 2019
As unaccompanied and separated asylum-seeking, refugee and migrant children form a significant part of the refugee and migrant population who are still arriving in Serbia, the number of unaccompanied children is changing substantially and accounts...
21 Jan 2019
Amid the reports of the number of refugees and migrants who lost their lives trying to reach Europe, UNICEF issued a press release urging governments to act and provide better protection to refugee and migrant children. UNICEF sites reports...
14 Jan 2019
UNICEF and IOM published a call for papers on the topic of Children on the Move: Building Migration Data Capacities. The UNICEF-IOM committee will review the papers and the best authors will be invited to the Expert Workshop organized by those...

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