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11 Dec 2019
Children are at a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion than adults or the elderly. According to UNICEF, 19.5% of the world’s children live in extreme poverty. The Committee of Ministers has called attention to child poverty and inequalities...
05 Dec 2019
ChildHub conducted regional research on the needs and capacity gaps of the social service workforce in seven countries in 2015/16. The lead researcher, Bree Akesson, and Albanian researcher Elona Dhembo, recently published an article in the European...
04 Dec 2019
The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) sent their views on the findings of the Disability Rights International report, which was presented last week, to news website Dnevnik. The Ministry called the findings tendentious, unrepresentative,...
04 Nov 2019
15 years ago, Armenia made a big step in improving people’s lives: the Association of Social Workers was founded and social work studies was introduced at Yerevan State University. Ana Radulescu, President of IFSW Europe, sent a message to Armenian...
B-H Social Work Conference: 'Novelties and Challenges in the Social, Family and Child Welfare System’
29 Oct 2019
Professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina who attended the B-H Social Work Conference on 17 October, in Banja Luka, agree on the necessity of improving the position and status of professional social workers, and of promoting the value of social work...
10 Oct 2019
What should a children’s social worker do with vulnerable kids far from their home country? How is it possible (if it is) to handle a teenager with totally different cultural background, who is perhaps not able to express himself fully in English?...
08 Oct 2019
Like all socialist countries in the former Soviet bloc, Bulgaria developed a state-based child care system in the second half of the 20th century. This system was based on the socialist ideology which allowed the state to control families and “shape...
07 Oct 2019
Nowadays we hear more and more about domestic violence, and this is necessary because many victims are afraid or unable to seek help because of their young age. On the International Non-Violence Day (2nd of October) a new app was launched in Hungary...
03 Oct 2019
The recent MIRRA (Memory – Identity – Rights in records – Access) study reveals that children and young people’s voices are mainly missing from their records, effective record-keeping by local authorities are not valued and people received often...
02 Sep 2019
The Riigikogu (the unicameral parliament of Estonia) and the Office of the Chancellor of Justice looked at Estonian children's welfare in a recent seminar called "Child Well-being Indicators: Current Situation in and Possibilities for Describing the...


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