Read the latest news on child protection from around Europe. For news related to the recent refugee crisis in Europe please see our Thematic Page.

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28 Nov 2018
Deputies voted unanimously to adopt amendments to the Penal Code that criminalize all forms of domestic violence in Bulgaria. Despite the rejection of the Istanbul Convention, the government has focused on more than a dozen rules to combat domestic...
04 Jul 2017
A Russia Today article cites a recent report featured in the Daily Mail, which spotlights the mass enslavement of children and youth throughout England.  The report identifies 1,200 youth in the country being victimized by coerced labor, along with...
15 Jun 2015
‘KyivPost’ reports on the situation in child protection in the former Soviet Union. According to the newspaper, the situation in post-Soviet countries was continually worsening after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 due to economic...

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