Read the latest news on child protection from around Europe. For news related to the recent refugee crisis in Europe please see our Thematic Page.

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15 Oct 2018
Every third person in Kosovo lives below the poverty line, meanwhile unemployment rises to above 30%. Due to socio-economic factors, many families cannot afford to provide their children with a meaningful leisure time and proper school preparation....
01 Aug 2018
IRC and TripAdvisor Partnership The IRC provides services to displaced persons globally. In partnership with TripAdvisor, the ‘Welcome Home’ Campaign offers new immigrants to the US assisted by the IRC an opportunity to explore and learn about their...
11 Feb 2016
There is a number of signs that might indicate that a refugee child is at risk and in need of protection. In the first place, one should be always alert to physical and psychological symptoms of potential sexual or physical abuse, such as bruises,...

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