Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

Learn to recognise the signs of domestic violence and support domestic violence survivors as a health or social care worker.
Future Learn & The University of Sheffield

Enhance your knowledge of gender-based violence and the forms of domestic abuse

Domestic violence is a global health issue that can take many forms and affect anyone. Health and social care professionals play an important role in recognising and helping victims of violent and abusive relationships.

On this course, you will address the role of gender in domestic violence and learn to recognise the various forms of violence and abuse. You will reflect on the impact of domestic violence and understand your responsibilities as a health or social care worker. By completing this course, you will have gained the confidence to help support domestic violence victims and survivors.

What topics will you cover?

  • Gender and gender role expectations
  • Forms of domestic violence and abuse (DVA)
  • The prevalence of DVA around the world
  • Factors that influence violence
  • The impact on victims, families and children
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of DVA
  • Talking to victims
  • Safety planning
  • How the law can protect victims
  • Working in multi-agency partnerships

Course details:

  • Flexible deadlines, available now
  • Approx. 3 weeks, 3 hours per week
  • Course language: English
Type of learning: 
Self paced
Prevention of child abuse
Child exploitation (including child labor)

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