Previous events

Public debate on the proposal of a Strategy for the prevention and protection of children from violence
29 Nov 2019
Organiser: The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia
Country: Serbia
Celebrating the launch of the PROMISE Barnahus Network
25 Nov 2019
Organiser: Children at Risk
Country: European Union
Expoziția offline despre mediul online sau cum putem preveni abuzul sexual online față de copii
21 Nov 2019
Organiser: Centrul Național de Prevenire a Abuzului față de Copii (CNPAC)
Country: Moldova
Introducing U-Report, a platform that enables young people to participate in positive social change
20 Nov 2019
Organiser: UNICEF and the Ministry of Youth and Sports
Country: Serbia
Working with traumatised children in the Barnahus - training for psychologists
19 Nov 2019
Organiser: PROMISE II, TDH
Speaker: Bruna Profaca
Country: Hungary

@Tdh: Psycho-social activities with children in Ukraine

Opportunity to participate in the next Council of Europe Children’s Rights Conference
13 Nov 2019
Organiser: Council of Europe
Country: European Union
Consortium for Street Children Conference
11 Nov 2019
Organiser: The Consortium for Street Children (CSC)
Speaker: Philip Alston, Nima Elbagir, Ann Skelton
Country: International
05 Nov 2019
Organiser: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria; Know-how Center for Alternative Care for Children, New Bulgarian University; Cedar Foundation; UNICEF; Eurochild; SOS Children's Villages; Hope and Homes for Children; Lumos Foundation
Speaker: Prof. Kevin Browne, Director of Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology, Prof. Peter Fuggle, Director of Clinical Services, Anna Freud National Centre, Charles H. Zeanah, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Nathan A. Fox, Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, Charles A. Nelson III, Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School, Robert Gilligan, Professor of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College, Dublin, Prof. Frank Oberklaid, Honorary Professor of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne, Stela Grigoras, UNICEF ECARO, Andy Bilson, Emeritus Professor in Social Work, University of Central Lancashire
Country: Bulgaria
(Update) Invitation to the international conference "Deinstitutionalization of Childcare: Investing in Change"
05 Nov 2019
Organiser: The Know-How Center for Alternative Care for Children, NBU, together with MLSP of the Republic of Bulgaria, Cedar Foundation, UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, Eurochild, Hope and Homes for Children and the Lumos Foundation
Country: Bulgaria

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