Participation/empowerment of children and youth

[European Union] The Positive Effects of the Еnergy@school Programme
Date of publication: 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria shared an article about the Energy@school programme, which encompasses 41 Central European schools in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, parts of Italy and par
Technical Associate
Date of publication: 2019
Arete Youth Foundation - Bulgaria are looking for a technical assistant for their te
[Bulgaria] HOPe Restaurant's Noble Mission
Date of publication: 2019
HOPe Restaurant, created and run by the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) NGO in Sofia, Bulgiaria, is a 'restaurant with excellent food and a noble mission'. 
[Bulgaria] NBU Developed Training Manual to Battle Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
Date of publication: 2019
The Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children (NBU), and the Reflective Learning
Speech Therapist
Date of publication: 2019
Concordia Bulgaria Foundation are looking for candidates for the Speak Therapist position for Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration in 48a Zaharna Fabrika, Sofia, Bulgaria.
[Moldova] A New Project to Reduce Violence Against Children in 30 Communities in Moldova
Date of publication: 2019
Physical violence and emotional abuse are still a daily reality for many children in Moldova, both at home and at
A Sofia restaurant hires young people at risk for a better life and professional realization [Video]
Date of publication: 2019
Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI Bulgaria) shared this video from channel bTV's "We Believe in Good".
"Is There a Way out of the Ghetto?", the story of Snezhana Ivanova [Website link]
Date of publication: 2019
Publisher: Свободна Европа
Free Europe Bulgaria (Svobodna Evropa) shared this short film (in Bulgarian) about the story of Snez
[Bulgaria] The New 'Hippotherapy and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities and Developmental Problems' Health Program in Varna
Date of publication: 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria announced that the Health and Sport Directorates of the Municipality of Varna will launch eight new health programs this year.


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