Participation/empowerment of children and youth

The Social Circus Project and the aim of finding a future for children without parents [Website link]
Date of publication: 2019
The Bulgarian NOVA Television reported about the "Social Circus Project" by psychologists and artists project, which aims to find a vocation for children without parents and disadvantaged people on the verge of puberty.
[Bulgaria] New Admission has Started to the Master's Program Psycho-Social Interventions with Children and Families
Date of publication: 2019
The Department of Health and Social Work in Bulgaria have announced a new admission for the Master's Program in Psychosocial Interventions with Children and Families.
The story of Vesko - from a Special Needs School to a role model [Video]
Date of publication: 2019
Publisher: Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion
Nova Television (Bulgaria) told the story of Vesko, who spent four years in a special-needs school without any mental disabilitiy and yet has escaped the trap of marginalization.
[Bulgaria] Bulgarian National TV Report on ‘Firefly’ Human Trafficking Project
Date of publication: 2019
The Bulgarian National Television
[European Union] The Positive Effects of the Еnergy@school Programme
Date of publication: 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria shared an article about the Energy@school programme, which encompasses 41 Central European schools in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, parts of Italy and par
Technical Associate
Date of publication: 2019
Arete Youth Foundation - Bulgaria are looking for a technical assistant for their te


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