Child Participatory Projects Addressing Child Sexual Violence

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Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
Child Participatory Projects Addressing Child Sexual Violence

The ChildHub aims at bringing together a community of like-minded committed child protection professionals who make significant difference in advancing child protection in the region.
You have heard about involving children in our May webinar, help us to find organizations that really involve children.

Join us in building a more active and dynamic protective society for children! 

The hidden treasures are
 .... any NGOs, initiatives and projects that work in a participatory way with young people (aged 14-25) and that look at the issue of sexual violence against children in Eastern Europe, particularly in Moldova, Bulgaria and Latvia but also across the Balkans.

Where will we land
Based on opportunities, interests and capacities, these organisations, initiatives and projects may become partners in an Oak-funded project involving young people in activities to prevent sexual violence of children. The project may include activities such as awareness raising, research, training, lobbying that will all come from and be delivered by young people themselves.*

How to contribute

Please submit your recommendations here in the forum by giving some details of the project or organisation (including contact details) and you may also want to share files that describe the initiatives a bit more in detail.

Arina Cretu
I would like to recommend

I would like to recommend three organisations from Moldova:

National Center for Child Abuse Prevention, the leader of the organisation is also on ChildHub, Daniela Simboteanu They have more experience with fighting child sex abuse. For example, just recently they launched a national campaign -

Child Rights Information Center from Moldova (CRIC Moldova), the leader of the organisation is on ChildHub, too - Cezar Gavriliuc - CRIS has a lot of experience expecially with child participation. 

There is also LA STRADA - they work in preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In the same time, they provide the service of Child Help/hot line. Their leader is Daniela Misail-Nichitin.

Sendrine met both Daniela Simboteanu and Daniela Misail-Nichitin in Sofia, during the training in advocacy.

I think all of them would be happy to cooperate in this field.

I will write them an email inviting them to write here and share more information about their activity/projects.

Sendrine Constant
Slika korisnika Sendrine Constant
thanks a lot for sharing  

thanks a lot for sharing


cezar gavriliuc
Child Rights Information Center Moldova (CRIC)

Thank you Arina for recommeding CRIC.

Indeed, CRIC is working a lot to support children meaningful participation. We have experience in involving children as peer educators, researchers and advocates for their rights. CRIC facilitated the development of several children reports on their rights, including the right to be protected from all forms of violence (all of them can be found on our website in Romanian Some reports were translated (uploaded here). At the moment, CRIC is supporting a group of children to develop the report to the CRC Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Taking this into consideration, we would like to be involved in this initiative.

Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
Conference in the UK on young people affected by sexual violence

I would like to draw your attention to an upcoming event co-organised by the The International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation Violence and Trafficking, at the University of Bedfordshire. Participation - and paper submission is open!

All information is available here!

Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
Do you know of young people involved in prevention?

Do you know of young people who are involved in preventing sexual abuse of children? If so, please share this call with them: as you will see it asks young people to share their motivation and experience for getting involved. As the submissions need to be in English, French, Italian or Spanish, you may have to help them getting their stories across. We would encourage you to seek out the views of young people who participated in initiatives preventing sexual violence.

Lavinia Hagiu
Slika korisnika Lavinia Hagiu
Challenging Sexual Violence in Europe:

I have found a report supported by the Council of Europe (CoE) Program “Building a Europe for and with Children” together with the Institute of Applied Social Research, University of Bedfordshire, UK. The report maps out a number of stakeholders and relevant parties that aim to empower children in Europe.  

The researcher has also referred to the project PRAEVENIR undertaken by Terre des hommes Romania from 2011 to 2013.

Here is the link to the report:


Valbona Carcani-Mane
Slika korisnika Valbona Carcani-Mane
Dear colleagues,

Dear colleagues,

I hope I am not acclerating this very much but I would really like to share it with you. In 2014, Tdh Albania has been envoled in a very beautiful project called ‘Our Voices" which is a three-year, pan-European, initiative funded by the Oak Foundation and the University of Bedfordshire. The project aims to promote the involvement of young people in efforts to prevent sexual violence against children across Europe.

So, by the end of 2014 the project team at the University of Bedfordshire, together with country partner projects, organised a
number of consultations with Youth Advisors across Albania, Bulgaria and the UK. In this framework Tdh Alb led a teenage girls consultation group on a two days workshop. This has been a beautiful experience of involving and having youngesters to partecipate in creating evidenced based data, in discussing on SA issues as well as exploring ways to get young people involved in future interventions for SA prevention.

Recently we have got the final reports from the consultations from Univ of Bredforshire for feedback and now I would like to share the final copies here attached with you. These reports are to be launched in a conference in September therefore I would hope that this group takes a look at those without still using them. By that time I will make sure to share that as a news as well as in the online library of childhub.


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