E-learning module on child participation

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Judit Németh-Almasi
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E-learning module on child participation

The Center of Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS) is in the process of developing e-learning modules for the Child Hub. As part of this process we are exploring case studies and examples of good practice in the region - in the area of child participation.

Within child participation we would like to focus on the following areas in particular:

Disabled children
Roma children
Children in conflict with the law
Children with mental health problems
Children in institutions /de-institutionalisation.

We would appreciate if you contributed to the collection of resources, knowledge and experience that you or other organisations in your country have.

Irene Stevens
Slika korisnika Irene Stevens
E Learning module on child participation

I am writing the module on child participation. As a person from Scotland, I would really appreciate to know about some cases you have worked with. This is because I want to make this module as relevant to your region as possible. So please help me to bring the module alive !!!! If you have any short case studies or examples of work, let me know. Feel free to email  or phone or, even better, to post examples here on ChildHub !!!

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