How to reach more experts - how to involve them to our community?

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Vesna Katalinic
Slika korisnika Vesna Katalinic
How to reach more experts - how to involve them to our community?

Dear partners,

I would like us to share some ideas how to reach more experts to join in our community.

I don`t know situation in your country, but here in Croatia social workers and psychologist have their own groups on Facebook. 

Yesterday I have posted two posts in different groups about Child Hub and I can see that some of them have opened a profile on Child Hub. Both of groups have more that 1300 members, not all of them work with children of course. I think this could be also great tool to communicate with them and to notify them about our project. 

I would also like to hear how do you or how are you planning to involve experts on the Child Hub?

Thank you.



Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
thanks Vesna!

Very valid issue, and talking to some of you I know you are very much focusing on this right now, so let's hear how you do it? I know that both in Romania and Bulgaria you do a lot of offline, face-to-face meetings, could you tell us more about those?

Sendrine Constant
Slika korisnika Sendrine Constant
Excellent suggestions, I am

Excellent suggestions, I am sure Facebook is a great way to go

what about Linkedin, do you know if professionals have linkedin groups? I see that some Gov representatives have, this may be a way to engage them as well?



Vesna Katalinic
Slika korisnika Vesna Katalinic
Dear Sendrine,

Dear Sendrine,

thank you for your suggestion, I think it is really good idea.

I will look into it :)




Arina Cretu
Thank you for the suggestions

Thank you for the suggestions! Unfortunately in Moldova professional groups (on facebook and linkedin) are not that popular, especially in the field of child protection. But I will certainly look more into online methods of attracting professionals/experts.

What we also do is ask other organisations and institutions to promote childhub on their websites and facebook pages.

When it comes to the offline - more members of our team speak about ChildHub in their meetings with various professionals. This happens regardless of the main topic of the meeting. 

Chiara Fiorentini
Slika korisnika Chiara Fiorentini
Hi all, have you thought

Hi all, have you thought about including a link to the ChildHub website to the signature of email correspondence?

This is something we often do in academia to advertise projects or workshops..

Just a thought.



Enkelejda Lopari
Slika korisnika Enkelejda Lopari
There is a group of

There is a group of professionals involved in child protection work, as child protection workers or social workers, who have established a group on FB. I find the group very interesting, active and iwth experience. Is there a way to connect forums iwth the link to FB group? Some of them may contribute in English but many also in Albanian? 


Also, I definitely think that the page should be simplified and have a direct access to the forum, it is so complicated I cannt' easily go around and do searching, find forums, write etc.. 

hope in your understanding



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