Mid-term review feedback and webinar discussion

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Mid-term review feedback and webinar discussion

Hello, do you have comments on the mid-term review? Please share them here, we would like to hear from you!

Slika korisnika klodthartori_3026
A comprehensive report,

A comprehensive report, sincere and reader friendly.

A must read for those following webinar discussion on the mid-term review. 

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thank you

Thanks Klodiana for your support. I just wanted to say however, that what is inside should not limit ourselves for the nex phase planning. We should keep an open mind and think comprehensively as WHAT we should cover or address.

Judit (Nemeth-Almasi at Tdh)

Valbona Carcani-Mane
Slika korisnika Valbona Carcani-Mane
I complitely agree with the

I complitely agree with the opinion shared by Klodjana regarding the quality of the report. A very good job!

With regard to the content the findings of the report are in fully alignment with my understanding of the situation of the RRC project especially in Albania. The challanges are all actual but hopefully to be overcomed if some measures are taken.

I would comment only on two of them:

1- The need to motivate professionals to use and contribute to the hub. The lack of time and scarse technological devices will continue to remain as such even in the future. But using the hub within the working hours, at work, would help overcome this problem. Therefore there's a need to persuase the institutions to make their employees to be involved as part of their daily or weekly tasks to childhub. All institutions that have orgaisational standarts have as part of their performance review the personal development of the staff. Using childhub.org would be one way to measure their efforts toward achieving the self written objectives. This could be one idea.....

2 - The need to make the usage of the platform as easy and friendly as possible. Video tutorials are one good way but those still require time and disponibility from the side of the users. While, as stated also in the report, face to face meetings are much more effective. Therefore I believe that it turns into a task for the asosiates to find ways and organise face to face meetings to coach and teach professsionals the usage of the platform.

Food for thoughts :)

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