Migrants crisis in Europe

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Evgenia Generalova
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Migrants crisis in Europe

The migrants crisis is widely discussed right now in official media, on social networks and in private conversations, and governments and NGOs are making statements every day. Tdh has also released a couple of press releases addressing the situation of migrating children and calling for the international community to establish and adopt a new international approach of refugee children in which not a single element of discrimination can be considered. 

You can see the press-releases here and here

We ask you to share any information you have about how the situation is in your countries, whether there is any work being done for the migrant children there. Also, if you have any information about number of refugee children in your countries and their needs, please share. You are also welcome to discuss the situation and share your thoughts in general. 

Arina Cretu
Today, September 11, the

Today, September 11, the Migration and Asylum Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Moldova informed the public that "Moldova ensures the right to seek asylum".

The articles states that:

Adhering to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Additional Protocol, Moldova has assumed the obligation to ensure protection to persons who have decided to take refuge in our country. In the last 10 years, over a thousand people, coming from 31 countries of the world (Armenia, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Sudan, etc.) benefited of various forms of protection in Moldova.

Tension international situation, the intensification of armed conflict and Ukrainian conflict has led to a slight increase in asylum applications in our country. All applications are individually examined in the context of Law no. 270 Asylum in Moldova of 18.12.2008.

The tensioning of the international situation, the intensification of armed conflicts, as well as the Ukrainian conflict have led to a slight increase in asylum applications in our country. All applications are individually examined in the context of Law no. 270 on Asylum in Moldova of 18.12.2008.

The situation on September 1, 2015 was that there were registered 554 people in the national asylum system, of which:

  • 138 Asylum seekers, from Ukraine - 64, Syria - 19, Iraq - 8, Afghanistan - 6, etc.
  • 141 Refugees, from Syria - 76, Afghanistan - 15, Iraq - 8, Uzbekistan - 6, etc.
  • 275 Beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, natives of Syria - 117, Ukraine - 95, Armenia - 15, Iraq - 9, etc.

About 40% of the total are women and children, 10% are elderly people and 50% are men of working age.

Once receiving a form of protection, people can benefit from integration activitiesprovided by the state, which contribute to learning the official language, increasing the capacity of becoming self-supporting andbecome active members in the community.

Therefore, compared to other Europen states, Moldova is not facing a crisis in this regard.


I would also like to share an article http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-34189117

  • Syrian refugees arriving in Europe are only 6% of the total fleeing the conflict.
  • Another four million are languishing in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • 7.6 million are displaced inside Syria itself and their plight remains very much out of sight.

The "crisis in Europe" became a very popular topic and certainly the international community has to take immediate action, but most importantly "to find a way of stopping the fighting" in Syria, as Carsten Hansen, Middle East director for the Norwegian Refugee Council, says.

Tanja Mrkalj
Slika korisnika Tanja Mrkalj
As of February 2016, more

As of February 2016, more than 700,000 refugees had entered into Serbia. 53,000 people have been left stranded in mainland Greece as well as about 5000 people in Macedonia and Serbia due to the implementation of the EU/Turkey deal in March 2016 and the border closure between Macedonia and Serbia.  (https://www.oxfam.org/en/emergencies/refugee-and-migrant-crisis)

Since the closure of the “Balkan Route” in March 2016, there are more and more asylum seekers in search of alternate routes. In Belgrade (Serbia), we have a community association, which provide support to asylum seekers and refugees while they are in Serbia – Refugee Aid Serbia. With other actors, they are collecting and distributing aid, working to open community and combat prejudice… as well as empowering community members to become the volunteers. https://refugeeaidserbia.org/

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