A Nimble (NMBL) Approach to Youth Engagement in P/CVE


Data:  20 Mar 2019 Author:  Jonathan Russell Kosta Lucas Botuesi:  RAN Centre of Excellence Lloji i publikimit:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

This handbook is a tool for practitioners working with young people, shows a step-by-step guide on how to best engage them in initiatives that seek to prevent or counter violent extremism.

The approach outlined is ideal for all practitioners, be it individuals working with youth (e.g. youth workers) to develop a programme and organisations that work with youth in some way (e.g. organisations with youth services or youth-led organisations). The advice contained within has been developed with a combination of research, programme and practical experience to create what RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network) calls the NMBL Approach (“nimble”). The NMBL Approach to youth-focused P/CVE is more than just a cute acronym — it is a philosophy that underpins effective youth engagement planning and project design. Being “nimble” is not only about being adaptive to external challenges, but also to be reflexive enough to identify and work with internal ones. Being NMBL is a sure-fire way to achieving this.

This framework is based on the philosophy of effective youth engagement in planning and project design, and it offers a matrix which follows four key steps:

  • 1. NAME the problem;
  • 2. MAP the solution;
  • 3. BUILD with the best tools;
  • 4. LEAD by example.

Further reading and resources on the issue are also cited at the end of the guidebook.

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