Pushed to the Wastelands

Environmental racism against Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe
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Data:  08 Pri 2020 Author:  Patrizia Heidegger Katy Wiese Botuesi:  European Environmental Bureau Lloji i publikimit:  Report / Study / Data

The EEB report examines environmental racism referring to the effects on the Roma community in Central and South-East Europe.

The 1st section clarifies concepts such as environmental justice, antigypsyism and its correlation to environmental racism while pointing on the relevance of the report for EU policy-making in times of health emergency such is Covid-19.

Following the explanation of the research process, the 2nd section analyses 32 cases of environmental racism against the Roma community in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo. It further classifies three main situations in which the Roma minorities are exposed to – limited or no access to fundamental environmental services; living in environmentally degraded and polluted places; forced evictions - including children.

The 3rd section provides examples of countries with emerging or protracted environmental conflicts covering the period of few decades 1990 – 2017. While looking at each case separately, the authors outline three groups of consequences for the Roma community – environmental, health and socio-economic- reporting on death cases in Bulgaria and Slovakia, children included and pointing on the increased health risks for those under the age of 18.

The 4th section gives policy advice prepared for the EU and its member states.  

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