Alternative Ways to Address Youth -ecourse

Start date: 
12 Nën 2018
End date: 
12 Nën 2018

The following e-learning module is intended to help child protection professionals channel juvenile offenders away from judicial proceedings. This course will give an overview of the alternative methods and give you the tools to use them in future cases.

Alternative Ways to Address Youth (AWAY) is a two-year project that was implemented between 2017-2018 by 7 organizations in the European Union: Brave Phone (Croatia), Defense for Children International (Belgium), International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Belgium), Program for the Development of the Judicial System (Bulgaria), Terre des Hommes Helvetia (Romania) and The Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILNET) (Hungary) under the coordination of Terre des Hommes Regional Office for CEE (project lead) (Hungary). The project was funded by the REC Programme of the European Commission. For more information please contact us at  

Type of learning: 
Self paced
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Target professionals: 
Law Enforcement/Justice
Police officer
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TDH program this relates to:  Child justice

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